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The silk painting, shown above, is by Ty Mam Duw, Poor Clare Colettines, Hawarden, WALES GB. Their website is here. Ty Mam Duw is Welsh and means The House of the Mother of God. Our Lady of the Pearl cherishes their friendship and is grateful for their many kindnesses and prayers. The image is used with permission.

Entertaining Angels

Entertaining Angels
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Come with us and put God’s light and grace into our darkened world tonight.

Colettine Night Litany

Lord Jesus, we hold before you all those who are in special need of your
mercy and our prayers.
On those who cannot sleep tonight.
R/ Lord have mercy.
On the sick and those terminally ill.
On those tempted to suicide.
On the homeless with nowhere to go.
On the mentally sick.
On those who live in fear and anxiety.
On victims of addiction of any kind.
On those who sell themselves.
On women seeking an abortion.
On those who suffer domestic violence of mind or body.
On those tempted to do evil.
On those imprisoned in lies and wrong choices.
On those who cannot forgive and carry the burden of
resentment towards others.
On those who are dying tonight.
For those who have accepted terrorism as their creed.
R/ Lord, enlighten and change their hearts.
For those who promote war.
For those who profit by war.
For those who commit acts of violence in God's name.
For those in the grip of hatred.
For those who commit acts of violent abuse against children.

For those in situations of violence and war.
R/Lord, be their strength and protection.
For refugees driven from their homelands.
For children separated from their parents by war.
For child soldiers.
For vulnerable children.
For the victims of abuse or trafficking.
For hostages who wait in fear.
For illegal immigrants.
For those suffering from epidemic diseases.
For those without recourse to adequate medical help.
For doctors and nurses on duty.
For all who will give birth tonight.
For all those who will go to the help of others tonight.
For all who witness to the Gospel in alien or hostile

For all the children of God.
R/Lord, we give you thanks and praise.
For all who live the covenant of marriage in joy.
For all new life conceived tonight.
For all who keep vigil in your presence this night.
For those who support us [Poor Clare Colettines] in our [their] life of prayer.
For all those who have responded to the call of your love.
For your Holy Church spread throughout the world.
For your holy angels whom you send to protect us.
For the prayers of your saints in heaven.
For Mary our Mother.
For those who this night will come before your throne.
For those waking to a new day on other shores.
For the gift of your love which can never be defeated.
Let us pray.
Heavenly Father,
we hold before you those for whom we have prayed,
have mercy on those who suffer,
protect the helpless,
convert to your love all who do evil.
and may your sun rise on a new world.
Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

* * * * * *  

Source:  Ty Mam Duw [House of the Mother of God] Poor Clare Colettine Community, Wales, UK.
The Little Sisters of Ty Mam Duw use the following format for their night prayer:  (1) Chaplet of Divine Mercy (2) Matins of the Divine Office (Office of the Readings) and (3) The Poor Clare Colettine Night Litany.

St. Colette is the patron saint of expectant mothers,
of those who long to conceive a child and of sick children.
 She is a healer of the sick.

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