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Entertaining Angels

Entertaining Angels
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thoughts on Upcoming Election

Recently I received an e-mail from a good friend who was attempting to influence my vote by sending me an article from the New York Times that was pro-Obama. I responded to her with the following e-mail message:

As a Catholic, I must vote for pro-life, anti-abortion candidates who acknowledge that life begins at conception. (I would think that devout Catholics and Jews would have a strong bond of agreement in this area .) [My friend is Jewish.} Usually, in making this choice, I find that I also agree with the candidate on other important issues.

For those Catholic politicians, who have chosen to ignore, dishonor, distort and lie about the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Christian faith or who have have presumed to speak with authority on Catholic beliefs of which they are ignorant, how can I trust them with my country if they have no fear of God and for their souls?

In the matter at hand, although our country has numerous problems, especially the economy (I've lost 1/3 of my very meager IRA), I'm not confident that either candidate will be able to give us relief with things like the economy, education and health care. No matter what they are advocating in these areas, I don't think they will be able to implement. I think the primary problem the next president will be faced with after the election is national security and terrorists.

Another problem we have in this country in our search for truth is the unreliable and unethical state of journalism. I cannot rely on much of what I read or on what I hear. Too often it is distorted or a lie. Journalism no longer simply reports the news in an unbiased fashion. Unfortunately for us conservatives, most of the media is very liberal.

I think some of the best information about the candidates came from the Saddleback presentation or debate and wish we could have had a couple more with this format. The other debates, in my opinion, between the presidential candidates, have been boring and useless. I do prefer to hear the positions of the candidates unfiltered, uncut and "straight from the horse's mouth" so to speak.

I might add that I am not that pleased with any of the candidates. In this great country, can we not come up with better than these? No matter who wins, I am terrified. I have never been so frightened for our country and about the outcome of a presidential election. May God have mercy.

Peace and All Good,

1 comment:

Tausign said...

Well said, but I would replace 'fear' with 'genuine concern'. We must always trust in God's providence no matter what the political outcome. Opportunities for penance and conversion abound...

Peace and all good.