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Entertaining Angels

Entertaining Angels
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Thursday, July 31, 2008

We Are An Order, A Lay Order, But a Real Order

“…, (Francis) founded a true Order, that of the Tertiaries, not restricted by religious vows, as the two preceding (Orders), but similarly conformed to simplicity of customs and to a spirit of penitence. So, he was the first to conceive and happily carry out, with the help of God, what no founder of regulars (religious Orders) had previously contrived, to have the religious life practiced by all.” (Benedict XV, Encyclical “Sacra Propediem” June 6, 1921)

“You are an Order: a lay Order, but a real Order. Ordo veri nominis, as our predecessor of holy memory, Benedict XV (Sacra propediem, June 6, 1921) called it. You will not, as is obvious, be an assembly of the perfect; but you must be a school of Christian perfection. Without this resolute will one cannot suitably be a part of such a chosen and glorious militia.” (Pius XII, July 1, 1956, Speech to the Tertiaries in Rome)

“…you are also an ‘Order,’ as the Pope said (Pius XII): A Lay Order, but a Real Order;” and after all, Benedict XV had already spoken of “Ordo veri nominis”. This ancient term – we can say medieval – “Order” means nothing more than your intimate belonging to the large Franciscan family. The word “Order” means the participation in the discipline and actual austerity of that spirituality, while remaining in the autonomy typical of your lay and secular condition, which, moreover, often entails sacrifices which are not lesser than those experienced in the religious and priestly life.” (John Paul II, June 14, 1988, General Chapter, SFO)

SOURCE: Next General Chapter


ulrich said...

Very interesting blog, I've posted it to our interdenominational list of about 410 members, a list for monastic subjects, spirituality, vocations, information, contemplation, mysticism, spirituality and much more at

john (monk)

Little Scribe said...

Thank you so much for writing and posting to your list.

Tausign said...

Thanks for the link to the General Chapter. Their preparatory document was interesting and is worth some reflection even at the local fraternity level. I may spend some time with it just for a personal examination.

Peace and all good.

Anonymous said...

Always awesome to find another TOSF/OFS/SFO website.
Peace and Love of God and St. Francis
Carol OFS