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The silk painting, shown above, is by Ty Mam Duw, Poor Clare Colettines, Hawarden, WALES GB. Their website is here. Ty Mam Duw is Welsh and means The House of the Mother of God. Our Lady of the Pearl cherishes their friendship and is grateful for their many kindnesses and prayers. The image is used with permission.

Entertaining Angels

Entertaining Angels
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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Meditation on Palm Sunday Morning Prayer

By A Poor Clare Nun

Our morning prayer for Palm Sunday invites us into the spirit of the whole celebration and event. It is the prelude to our Holy Week celebrations. We can almost imagine the crowds standing along the side of the roads, shouting their praises and hosannas to Jesus as he rides into Jerusalem on the donkey. We also hear the song of salvation, the stone rejected by the builders becoming the corner stone, the very foundation of the Church.

The liturgy of today is so humbling for we all realize that we have this division within our own hearts, this changeability, to one day rejoice and give praise and the next to betray, to run away, refusing to be counted. Our Lord and God knew this. He knows perfectly the human heart, the heart of each one of us and yet his love is so great that he embraces all our weakness, sinfulness and failure. He rides on despite it all because his desire is to redeem us. He rides on to fulfill his father’s will.

Let us enter into the hours of the Passion, into the hours of our prayer with a totally open heart. Let us enter into the hours of our daily life and commitments and place love and praise within. Let us judge no one for Jesus willed to take this path for us all, for each and everyone of us.

Choose from today's liturgy one line, verse and repeat it in love often during the day. Mine will be: “Open to me the gates of holiness: I will enter and give thanks.”

Just think for a few minutes of the HOLINESS of God. Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord !!!

Holiness is wholeness, integrity and purity of heart. Yes, Lord, open the doors of holiness that I may grow in your love and bring my own will more and more into communion with your will and plan for my life.

May this be for you and your family a day of grace!!!

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NOTE: Psalm 118 in the Palm Sunday morning prayer is the last of the Hallel Psalms, sung at Passover.

“The Passover meal was divided into four parts. First, the preliminary course consisted of a festival blessing (kiddush) spoken over the first cup of wine, followed by the serving of a dish of herbs. The second course included a recital of the Passover narrative and the "Little Hallel" (Psalm 113), followed by the drinking of the second cup of wine. The third course was the main meal, consisting of lamb and unleavened bread, after which was drunk the third cup of wine, known as the "cup of blessing." The Passover climaxed with the singing of the "Great Hallel" (Psalms 114-118) and the drinking of the fourth cup of wine.”

Source: “The Hunt for the Fourth Cup” by Scott Hahn at

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